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There are many locations in the game world of State of Decay, which is a 4x4km square map area. Within it you'll find the remnants of towns, wandering survivors, NPC bases, buildings, cars, and of course, zombies. Knowing where to go and what to look for is essential to survival.

Trumbull Valley

The setting of State of Decay occurs in Trumbull Valley.

“Trumbull Valley was formed millions of years ago when glaciers receded and water flowed down from Canada. The result was a fertile valley, rich in sediment and protected from the elements resulting in wonderful farmland.

But it wasn’t until settlers arrived in Marshall that the land was actually used for crops.

Local native legends spoke of beasts in the rivers and lakes, and had a great fear of spooks and spirits that roamed the valley. Even today tribesmen speak of the voices spoken through the hills and the cries of long dead ancestors.

Fascinating stories in this atomic age!”