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Alan Gunderson
Personality: Autocrat
Location: Church of the Ascension
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Starting Firearm: 700 Huntsman; Mk.15 (DLC)
Starting Melee: Machete; Kukri (DLC)

"Alan has been a forest ranger with the Department of Fish and Wildlife since he graduated from community college."

Alan Gunderson is a non-playable survivor in State of Decay. However, he is an unlockable hero in the Breakdown DLC.


Some people are born to greatness, others join the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Alan Gunderson is a self-important, over-bearing and autocratic individual who apparently was marginalized and ignored before the zombie apocalypse. In its aftermath he has lept at the chance to actually be in charge and lead the sort of life he has dreamed of.

Players first meet Alan Gunderson at the Church of the Ascension. He is immediately combative and disdainful of Ed, Marcus, and Maya joining the community. He is featured in "The Vet Clinic" mission where he and Sam explain the basics of scavenging in a narrative format. Here he shows a complete readiness to abandon any person who does not follow his orders to their death, when Sam's rucksack falls apart he orders her to leave the medicine. When she refuses he leaves her and simply heads back to base.

After completing the mission "Home Away From Home", Pastor William will contract Black Fever. Alan believes this disease to be incurable and without consulting anyone takes it upon himself to solve the problem. He causes a major crisis within the community when he shoots Pastor Williams in the head in the middle of home base several missions later.

Alan himself later becomes infected with the disease.



State of Decay: Breakdown

Alan is called "The Killer". He can be unlocked after giving a Mercy Shot to a sick survivor.


Alan’s personality is almost pure downside. He becomes angry easily and, even when he is feeling good, his Overbearing attitude can piss off other community members. Again, the key to balancing this out is other personalities that counteract this effect or to kick him out of your community. In terms of combat, he has a clear inclination: he’s good at shooting stuff. You won’t find many better than him and that may be reason enough to keep him around.[1]

Alan considers himself the only active law enforcement officer in Spencer's Mill and essentially imposes a personal martial law over the remaining group of survivors. The fact that most characters ignore his unreasonable demands causes him to come across as incredibly unpleasant, but ineffective.

At least one in-game note can be found that mentions Alan Gunderson directly. The notes regards Trumbull Valley authorities denying his request for .50 caliber rifles to deal with rogue bears. The note mentions that there hasn't been a rogue bear sighting in Trumbull Valley for over 50 years, and that modern methods don't indicate high powered rifles in dealing with such a threat anyway.

Being incredibly unpleasant and overbearing, he is either difficult to becomes friends with or coded so that such a situation is impossible.

It is possible for Alan to die before the mission "Home Away From Home," leaving Pastor Williams to die and be killed by another survivor.


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